Saturday, December 18, 2010

One Year Later

Okay: The short version of what I have learned about Tithing and Sabbbath this past year.

Tithing. I have learned to view everything I have - including money earned - as something I may potentially be called on to give to someone else. This includes anything I loan to someone, which Jesus said I should do without expecting anything back (Luke 6:34-35). I used to think that if I was giving to the church on a regular basis, I had done my duty. I admit that my giving to the church has suffered and needs to be revisited. But I have been freed up to do things for people and the kingdom of God that I previously would not have entertained.

Sabbath. I am also learning to view all my time as fully interruptible for kingdom purposes. I am letting things go that were once my high priorities for the sake of things - well, usually people - that are much higher priorities in God's reckoning. I still get texts and phone calls and visits on my "days off," just as before. I just see these "interruptions" differently. And I am not adverse to finding rather unorthodox times to disappear and rest. A little trick I learned from Jesus (Luke 5:15-16).

And now I think I can blog again. Coming soon. Don't even leave to get a bag of chips.


Jeremiah said...

I knew you'd come back.
Missin' you and the missus, sir. I just got my license. I'd rather not be a trial though, are you ever free on mondays, tuesdays, or wednesdays? Or sunday nights and monday mornings?

Well, probably not, but I would love to come see you when its convenient for you!

Jim Badke said...

Hey Jeremiah! We are around until the 23rd. Would love to see you and catch up!