Tuesday, January 30, 2024

My Latest Writing Project

Copper Island, 1986

When I was 19,  I served at a camp that regularly visited an elderly man who lived on an island by himself in the middle of Barkley Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. We cut firewood, did some cleaning and set up a barrier to keep driftwood logs from collecting under his house, which hung over the water at high tide.

That began a friendship with Nelson Dunkin of Copper Island that spanned the next 20 years. Sarah and I were among the many visitors who were drawn, not only to the serene and gorgeous setting where Nelson lived, but to the man himself. I am sure that much of who I am today was formed by his quiet, godly example of generosity, hospitality and genuine personal interest. His legacy includes the camp that has now operated on Copper Island for the past 35 years.

My next project has been to write Nelson Dunkin's story. I interviewed many of the people who knew him well and were eager to contribute stories, photos, letters and memories. I enjoyed the conversations at least as much as the writing, if not more.

I ran a Kickstarter to pay for the first printing of the book, and backers contributed 236% of the $1500 goal. Proceeds from the sale of the book will go help kids go to camp this summer who could not otherwise afford to do so. 

The Island and i: Nelson Dunkin of Copper Island is now available. You can contact me to purchase your copy or buy it online at Amazon.